Why should you use a Natural deodorant?

Trust us…go right now and throw out your store bought deodorant, its not just us that think so! There is a lot of research being done that now proves that deodorants are not all the same and some are much more toxic than we originally thought.

Why is store bought deodorant not safe?

Many of the “deodorants” every day consumers use are actually antiperspirants which contain aluminum as their active ingredient. It comes in many forms: aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum hydroxybromide which are all aluminum salts. This type of aluminum prevents you from sweating by entering the cells in your sweat ducts and causing them to swell squeezing the duct shut.

Problem with this??? Aluminum is also a known neurotoxin and has been linked to breast cancer and neurologic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. So WHY are we putting it on our bodies?

So what are some options? There are some mineral salt stones that contain naturally occurring aluminum like potassium alum and ammonium alum which have naturally occurring aluminum molecules that are too large to be absorbed by the skin. They prevent odour-causing bacteria from developing but they don’t clog pores. Although there is still exposure to aluminum with these crystals.

Other options on the market kill odour-causing bacteria and/or neutralize the smell and generally contain essential oils, baking soda, clay, or magnesium oil. These are much gentler on the skin and don’t clog your pores, so you will sweat, but generally, your body will develop its own regulation and it will be less than you think.

Other toxic ingredients you want to avoid in your deodorant are:

propylene glycol (penetration enhancer for the aluminum)

disodium EDTA (penetration enhancer for the aluminum)

Triclosan an endocrine disruptor.

Talc powder which is a suspected carcinogen.

Fragrance specifically phthalates (chemical used in plastic) are linked to hormone disruption, infertility and some cancers.

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) is a proven neuro-system effects and suspected carcinogen

So the next time you think about using that deodorant in your bathroom, think twice and maybe its best you toss it and look for a natural option that can help you get the same effect with less side effects.

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