Carrotseed Oil

Carrotseed oil (Daucus carota) is great for the skin with many benefits! This is a cold process oil extracted from the seeds of the wild carrot. Do not confuse with carrotseed essential oil or carrot oil.

Here are some of the benefits of carrotseed oil

Heals dry and chapped skin
SPF 40
High in antioxidants
Tones and firms skin
Evens out skin tone
Helps with hyperpigmentation
Nourishing to hair
Sunburn relief

At home, we use carrot seed oil in many ways, a drop added to my morning facial serum, a drop added to fresh pressed aloe vera for sun exposure relief, a drop added to apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Of course, it is one the staple ingredients in our SPF cutis and Solar Protector!

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